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38mm Bed Slat Holder and Sprung Slats

38mm Beech Sprung Bed

We stock 38mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats and 915mm long; we also offer an in-house cutting service. We are able to cut these bed slats to you required Length

Therefore our 915mm slat will be suitable for all Standard UK bed sizes:

Small Single (2ft 6) – Approximately 760mm
Small Single (3ft) – Approximately 915mm
Small Double (2ft 6) – Approximately 610mm (two slats needed)
Double (4ft 6) – Approximately 685mm (two slats needed)
King (5ft) – Approximately 760mm (two slats needed)
Super King (6ft) – Approximately 915mm (two slats needed)

These 38mm Sprung Slats will also be suitable for European and US size beds

You will also require 38mm Sprung Bed Slats Holders/ Fitting to attach them to you bed frame

38mm Sprung Bed Slat Holders/ Fittings

We offer 38mm Sprung Bed Slat Holders for both Wooden and Metal Tubular Bed Frames

These Bed Slat Holder must be used when using Sprung Bed Slats; sprung bed slats CANNOT be directly screw onto the bed frame

Please Note: We also stock 53mm and 63mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats and Plastic Holders/ Fitting


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