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68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats
68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats 68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats (Any Length) 68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats (Any Length) 68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats (Any Length)

68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats (Any Length)

Minimum Order 4 Slats
£4.25 incl. VAT £3.54
Delivery Estimation: Usually Dispatched within 1 working day
  • Buy 10 for £3.40 incl. VAT £2.83 each and save 20%
  • Buy 20 for £3.18 incl. VAT £2.65 each and save 25%
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£4.25 incl. VAT £3.54
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£4.25 incl. VAT £3.54

Minimum Order 4 Slats

68mm x 8mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats

Our 68mm Sprung Bed Slats are of the highest quality material (Beech Timber); this is undisputed the preferred material in the bedding Industry. These Sprung Slats are made from Rotary-Cut all-Beech Veneers, which is laminated making the slats extremely strong and very hard to break. This is how sprung slats achieve their Curved/ Arched Shape
There are many cheap alternatives sprung slats in the UK market made from the cheaper Birch and Poplar Timber; these slats tend to break very easily and do not have the spring that Beech Slats have.
We offer a FREE length cutting service on all our Sprung Slats; as Sprung Slats vary in size from bed manufacture to bed manufacture. Unfortunately, there are no standard Length when it comes to sprung slats.

68mm x 8mm Sprung Slat Specification

Width: 68mm
Thickness: 8mm
Length: 915mm and 1050mm - FREE In-House Cutting Service
Bed Size: Length of the Sprung Slat can be Cut to fit Any Bed Size
Material: 100% Beech Timber
Construction: Laminated Beech Veneer
Shape: Arched/ Curved
Manufactured: Europe or UK In-House (Depending on the Dimensions)
Responsibly Sourced: Yes, PEFC

Additional Sprung Slat Machining Option

Free Cutting Service

  • All Sprung Bed Slats vary in size. We offer a free cutting service

Tapering Service

  • We can adjust the width of the ends on the slats. This is a good option if you want to keep your existing bed slats holders, but want to have wider slats

Bevelling Service

  • Bevelling the ends of your sprung bed slats allow Easy Attachment. This is a common practice that many large bed

Manufacturers use
Chamfering Service

  • We can reduce the thickness of the slats on the ends only. This is an ideal option if you want 10mm or 12mm Sprung bed slats and you want to keep you existing plastic holders or 10mm or 12mm holders are not available

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