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  • Different Sprung Bed Slats Width - Explained

    Sprung Bed Slats are available in various widths. The most common sizes used across Europe are 25mm, 38mm, 53mm, 63mm, 70mm & 100mm. The most common sprung slat widths used in the UK are 53mm and 63mm. Beds and Sofa's manufactured in Italy tend to use 70mm slats. High specification beds and sla...

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  • Extra wide sprung bed slats for single sleeper

    We are fascinated by sprung bed slats and think they are brilliant when used correctly, much better then the cheap pine alternatives. Sprung bed slats are most commonly used in either one row or two rows One row of sprung slats are usually used on Small Single 2ft 6 beds & Single 3ft beds Two ...

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  • The Importance of a Bed Centre Rail

    Picture the scene: you’re snuggled up close, late at night. Your loved one moves closer, gives you a kiss … you hear a creak … then the world caves in as the bed collapses beneath you. The average life of a bed is around ten years, so there’s bound to be the odd disastrous occasion. A clever...

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  • BedSlats - Welcome Blog

    BedSlats aim to have the most comprehensive range of bed components in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to supply both trade and end users with a one stop shop for all their bed slats and bed components needs. We have exclusive distribution right for various components within our product range. We als...

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