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Heavy Duty Cross Rail Kits for Metal Beds

Heavy Duty Cross Rail Kits for Metal Beds

Set of 4
£99.00 incl. VAT £82.50
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£99.00 incl. VAT £82.50
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£99.00 incl. VAT £82.50

Set of 4

Heavy Duty Cross Rail Kits for Metal Bed

Our Heavy Duty Cross Rail Kit is ideal to use on Metal Bed Frame and Antique Frames. This Product is an ideal solution if you do not have a centre rail on your metal bed Frame and you are unable to retrofit one.

The four cross rails should be placed width wise along the bed frame. Ideally you would place the first and last cross rails approximately 4 - 5 inches from the top and bottom of the bed. The other two cross rails should be spread evenly between the first and last cross rails.

You will need to measure from the outside edge of your side rail to the outside edge of your other side rail.

You will then be required to let us know the width of your bed side rails. We will take a rebate out of both sides of the cross rails to allow the cross rails to automatically lock into place (stopping them from slipping off the beds side rails).

We also put a locking mechanism on the first and last cross rails to lock our slatted base in place; stopping the bed bases from slipping off.

The cross rails are 60mm high, we will take a 30mm rebate out of the bottom of both ends of the cross rails. 30mm of the cross rail will be sitting on top of your bed side rails and the other 30mm will be sitting within you bed side rails.

The slatted bed base will sit on top of the cross rail kit. This will therefore increase the height of your mattress by 90mm (30mm from the cross rail kit and 60mm from the Slatted Bed Base.


Our Cross Rail Kits are suitable for metal beds only.


The length of the cross rail is available in different bed sizes and can be cut to your desired length.


This kit is ideal to use in conjunction with our Slatted Bed Bases ONLY

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