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Replacement Bed Slats

We are able replace both Solid Pine Bed Slats and Beech Sprung Bed Slats to suit any bed. 

Replacement Beech Sprung Bed Slats

Beech Sprung Bed Slats are the most common bed slats used in Europe. Our Replacement Beech Sprung Bed Slats are sold individually or in value 10 packs.

We only stock top quality Beech Sprung Bed Slats; which are the preferred species of timber used on Sprung Bed Slats. When purchasing sprung bed slats, it is important to distinguish beech slats over birch or poplar bed slats; as birch and popular are an inferior material compared to beech, meaning they are a lot more likely to break and lose the curve/ spring. For this reason, when replacing your bed slats; we only stock Beech Sprung Bed Slats.

The most common Sprung Bed Slats used in the UK are 53mm wide and 63mm wide. We stock 38mm, 53mm and 63mm all year round. 8mm is the standard thickness. All our Bed Slats are sourced from reputable Manufacturers across Europe.

Our replacement Sprung Bed Slats are ideal to replace on Ikea beds. The standard slats that are supplied with IKEA bed frames are made from Birch. Our Sprung Beech slats are far superior to the birch slats supplied and can transform your IKEA bed frame.

We stock all three sizes and the standard length of the slats is 915mm long. We have machinery in house to cut these slats down to your desired size. 

We also stock 53mm x 12mm sprung bed slats at both 1220mm and 1400mm. These Sprung Slats are ideal if you want one set of slats to run all the way across your bed; this is ideal when one person is sleeping in the bed. Replacement 12mm Beds Slats will need to be chamfered down to 8mm on both ends in order to fit in the Sprung Bed Slat Holders.

All Replacement Sprung Bed Slats should be attached to the bed using Bed Slat Holders and should NOT be screwed directly onto the bed. We hold a large variety of Bed slat holder to fit all bed slats. We hold a good collection of bed slat holders for 38mm, 53mm and 63mm Sprung Bed Slats. These are available for both Metal Tubular Slatted Bed Bases and wooden bed frames. 

Replacement Solid Pine Bed Slats

Pine Bed Slats are the most common bed slats used in the UK. Our Solid Pine Bed Slats are sold in sets of 11 slats (standard) and 14 Slats (deluxe). If you have a memory foam/ pocket spring mattress or a very expensive mattress you may be require to have the gap between the slats at a certain distance. We are able to remanufacture the bed slats to your specific requirements.

The Pine bed slats we supply can also be used on many IKEA bed frames for replacement slats.

Our Standard Sized slats do NOT necessarily mean they will fit your bed. All bed manufacturers make their beds to their own specification. We do stock the most common sizes used. Nevertheless we do also offer a cutting and re-webbing service to make sure we can meet your size requirements so you can replace your broken slats.

Please take accurate measurements before placing your ordering.

The gaps between your bed slats are very important; we highly recommended our deluxe pine slats over our standard pine slats. Ideally, all Double, King and Super King bed slats require a centre rail, please look at our range of centre rail solutions if you do not have an integrated centre rail on you bed.


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