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Solid Beech (69mm x 20mm) Replacement Bed Slats for European Double beds 140cm - Individual

140cm Solid Beech (69mm x 20mm) Replacement Bed Slats for European Double beds - Individual

Minimum Order 4 Slats
£10.69 incl. VAT £8.91
  • Buy 10 for £9.62 incl. VAT £8.02 each and save 10%
£10.69 incl. VAT £8.91
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£10.69 incl. VAT £8.91

Minimum Order 4 Slats

Solid Beech (69mm x 20mm) Replacement Bed Slats for European Double beds 140cm - Individual

Our flat solid Beech bed slats should not be mistaken for beech sprung bed slats.
These flats beech bed slats are a premium alternative to pine bed slats. Beech timber is recognised for Stability, durability, density and strength. Beech also a lot fewer defeat then Pine.

These bed slats are sold individually and are ideal for replacing individual broken slats and for adding extra support to reduce the gap in between your current slats.

We also manufacture Solid Beech bed slat sets to your exact specification. You can select your width, length and number of slats in your set.


Timber Species - Solid Beech

Width - 69mm

Depth - 20mm 

Length  - 1400mm (Cutting Service Available)

If you require pine slats longer than 1400mm; you should purchase the next size up and we can cut them down for you. 

Pilot Holes

10mm in from edge

Drill Diameter - 5mm


Bed Slats tend to vary in size from bed frame to bed frame. Even though mattresses are standard sizes; the slats will vary. Bed slats will be smaller if the mattresses is the same size as the bed frame and larger if the mattresses sits within the bed frame.


"Measure Twice, Buy Once" :)

How to Attach

On most wooden bed frames, you would screw in each individual slats. We recommend using a Pilot Hole to stop the slat from splitting. Some wooden bed frames do not have a flat ledge for the slats to rest on, they have set spacers/blocks; you must purchase the same width slat. These do not need to be screwed in place. 

If you have a Metal Bed Frame - please see Locking Legdes

Custom Services (optional)

We can customise you individual Solid Beech bed slats on request by offering the following services

  • Cutting Service - Cutting our slat to your exact length
  • Pilot Holes - Pre Drill the Ends of the slats for Screws
  • Ripping Service  - Cutting the width of the slat down to make it narrower
  • Thicknessing Service  - Reducing the depth of the slats (to match existing slats)
  • Tapering Service - Adjusting the width of the slats on the ENDS ONLY

If you have any questions or need further assistance, Please feel free to email our customer services team.

Please Note: The Beech Bed Slats are not curved and do not require bed slat holders to attach them to your bed frame. We also supply Sprung bed Slats.

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