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53mm Sprung Bed Slats Holders

We are proud to stock the largest range of replacement  53mm wide Sprung Bed Slat holders in the UK. We work directly with several manufacturers across Europe to bring together this collection.

We stock a great range of 53mm sprung bed slat holders for many different types of beds ranging from wooden bed frames to metal tubular bed bases that sit within a bed frame.

Our range of 53mm Sprung Slat Holder including

- Sprung  slat holder with a front lip (wooden bed frames)
- Rebate Slat Holder  (wooden bed frames)
- Dowelled Slat Holder  (wooden bed frames)
- Single Slat Holder for Side Rail with 2 Prongs (Metal Tubular Bed Bases)
- Double Slat Holder for Centre Rail with 2 Prongs (Metal Tubular Bed Bases)
- Insert Holder (Metal Tubular Bed Bases) 
- Roll-out Sprung Bed Slat Holder (Caravans, Metal and Wooden Bed Frames)

Firmness Adjusters for 53mm x 8mm Sprung Bed Slats are also available

We also stock a great range of compatible 53mm Beech sprung bed slats, these can be re-manufactured to any size you require.