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Double Row Kits

Our Double Row DIY Kits will provide you with beech sprung bed slats and compatible slat holders. These kits are ideal if you are manufacturing a new wooden bed or wanting to change your solid slats into sprung slats.

The majority of Small Double (4ft) Beds; Double (4ft 6) beds, King
(5ft) beds and Super King (6ft) will have two rows of sprung bed slats. This is ideal as both sleepers will have their own set of sprung slats; therefore it is less likely they will disturb each other when tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed.

We also supply specialist extra wide and extra thick slats where you can have one row of slats on Small Double (4ft) and Double (4ft 6) beds. This is ideal when one person is sleeping on the bed and wants to sleep in the middle.

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