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European King (160cm) Replacement Sprung Bed Slats
European King (160cm) Replacement Sprung Bed Slats How to Measure the Width of your Sprung Bed Slat How to Measure the Length of your Sprung Bed Slat

Sprung Bed Slats for European King size 1600mm Beds

Sold Individually (Minimum Order 4)
£3.24 incl. VAT £2.70
£3.24 incl. VAT £2.70
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£3.24 incl. VAT £2.70

Sold Individually (Minimum Order 4)

European King-size Sprung Bed Slats

Our European King-size Replacements Sprung Slats are suitable for manufacturing a new bed frame or replacing Sprung Bed Slats on an existing Bed Frame.  We only stock high quality Sprung Slats manufactured using Beech Timber from sustainably managed European Forest. Our Sprung Slats are of the highest quality made from 100% Beech which is laminated making the slats extremely strong and very hard to break.

We have list a range of popular sprung bed slats Width and Suitable Lengths for a European King sized bed frame. As all bed frames vary in size due to a number factors, all our sprung slats are cut to length per order

European King-size Sprung Slat Specification

Bed Size: European King-size (1600mm) 

Material: Beech

Construction: Laminated Beech Veneer  

Shape: Arched/ Curved

Manufactured: Europe or UK (In-House)

Responsibly Sourced: Yes, PEFC

Thickness: 8mm

Width Available: 34mm, 38mm, 50mm, 53mm, 55mm, 58mm, 60mm, 63mm, 70mm or 100mm 

Length: 770mm, 775mm, 780mm, 785mm, 790mm, 795mm, 800mm, 805mm, 810mm, 815mm, 820mm, 825mm and 830mm or Custom Length.

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