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Sprung Slats

Sprung bed slats are one of the most well-known and popular options to support a mattress on a wooden bed frame. Throughout Europe, they go by several different names you may be familiar with- ‘ply slats’, ‘spring slats’, ‘laminated slats’ and ‘European slats’ are but a few.

At, we use only the finest quality beech timber when we construct our bed slats. With many other manufacturers using cheaper alternatives such as birch and poplar, we talk to numerous people experiencing snapped slats after only a few months of use. As we tell them- If you want real long-term value, it makes sense to invest in a set of quality beech bed slats. Beech wood is much stronger, meaning less chance of breaking and snapping.

Available in sets or individually, our slats are perfect for use with a new bed or for replacing existing broken slats. We stock a range of widths to suit different bed sizes, including 38mm, 53mm and 63mm. Our standard slat length is 915mm. If you require shorter slats, we can cut these down to your ideal size. If you require longer slats, we stock 1055mm, 1220mm and 1400mm options. All of these options can be cut down to size to fit your bed.

However, if you require a certain length or width to suit awkward areas (such as sofas, camper vans, caravans, Murphy beds and ottoman beds), we can custom make bed slats to your exact specifications. If you need your slats resized, please allow up to 24 hours for dispatch. For chamfered slats, please allow 7 days for delivery. Simply contact us and we can discuss your job.

We stock 3 ranges of sprung bed slats:
Standard Length (915mm long x 8mm thick) – available in 38mm, 53mm and 63mm widths.
Extra Long (1050mm long x 8mm thick) – available in 53mm & 63mm widths.
Extra Long and Thick (1220mm or 1400mm long x 12mm thick) – available in 53mm & 63mm widths.

Please note- all sprung bed slats should be combined with compatible sprung bed slat holders. We stock a full range of these also.