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Standard Slatted Bed Base - Double Row - Angle
Standard Slatted Bed Base - Double Row - Angle Standard Slatted Bed Base - Double Row - Straight Standard Slatted Bed Base - Double Row - Side Standard Slatted Bed Base - Adjusters Standard Slatted Bed Base - Side with Bolts Standard Slatted Bed Base - Slats and Holders Adjustors Double Beech Sprung Bed Slats Holders for Standard Slatted Bed Base (63mm x 8mm)

Standard Dual Row Drop-In Slatted Bed Base

£381.60 £273.60 incl. VAT £228.00
£381.60 £273.60 incl. VAT £228.00
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£381.60 £273.60 incl. VAT £228.00

Standard Dual Row Drop-In Slatted Bed Base with 30 x 63mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats

Our Standard Slatted Bed Base is Designed and Manufacture in-house by our Master Bed Makers. We only use the highest quality components from specialist manufacturers; ensuring our finished product is built to last.

This Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are designed to sit within your bed frame and is manufacuted order at you specified width and length.

Our Double Row Slatted Bed Bases are designed for Two Sleepers are suitable for the following Bed Sizes:

- Small Double Beds 4ft 

- Double Beds 4ft 6

- European Double Beds 140cm

- King Size Bed 5ft 

- European King Size Beds 160cm

- Super King Beds 6ft

- Emperor bed

Our Standard Generation Double Row Bed Base consist of

-           30 Quality Beech Sprung Bed Slats (63mm x 8mm)  - May vary depending on the length specified
-           50mm by 20mm Beech Multiplex Ply frame
-           Single Slat Holders, which are doweled into the side rails to add strength and durability
-           OPTIONAL: Adjustable slat tension adjusters in the lumbar region
-           Fully Assembled in 2 piece when delivered  

All Slatted Bed Bases are assembled using Furniture Connector bolts and Cross Dowels. This provides a extremely strong joint and can also be disassebled and reassembled if needed

Technical Information:

Width - Custom
Length - Custom (Maximum 2000mm)
Height - Approximately 65mm
Gap in between Slats  - Approximately 65mm

Optional Extras

Lumber Adjusters

Our Standard adjustable tensions adjusters are placed in the lumber region to further improve your comfort level. These are also known as “rigidity adjusters”.

There are two beech sprung slats per single slat holder. These tension adjusters are placed in the lumber region, allowing the sleeper to manually adjust the firmness of their bed to their preference.

Bed Frame Requirements

Our Slatted Bed Bases are built to last for years. Your bed frame must have adequate support for the slatted bed base.

The slatted bed base is there to support you and the bed frame needs to support the slatted bed base i.e. the ledges, where the slatted bases rests on should be strong enough to hold your weight.

Our Double Row Slatted Bed Bases require Support on the sides and centre. Our bed base should rest on Slat support ledges that are generally screw onto the inside of you side rail. It Should also rest on a centre rail. Alternatively they are rest of cross rails; this is very common on french bed frame.

We can supply

- Bed Slat Support Legdes
- Repalcement Centre Rail Kits
- Repalcment Cross Rail Kits
- Adjustable centre rail support feet

If you feel you bed frame requires added support

How to Measure

Wooden Bed Frame

Our Single Row Slatted Bed Bases are designed to sit within you wooden bed frame. You must take accurate measurements on the internal dimension of your bed frame; taking into account anything that is protruding e.g. bed legs, corner brackets and so on

We advise taking exact internal measurements and minus 3mm to 4mm to ensure our bed base fittings within your bed frame.  

Metal Bed Frames

Varies depending on the structure of Metal Bed Frame. Please email us images if you would like advise on compatibility


Please note that the colour of the components may vary, for exact colours please call us.

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