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Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Angle View
Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Angle View Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Front View
Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Technical Diagram Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) with Dimensions Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Illustration Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides) - Example View

Universal Mattress Stoppers (Sides)

Set of 4
£39.95 incl. VAT £33.29
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Set of 4

Set of 4


Universal Mattress Stopper/Retaining Bar Sides


Our Universal Side Mattress stopers are designed to be attached to the sides of your bed frame.

The universal fitting means they are compatible of all types of bed slats up to 100mm (10cm) wide.


Suitable for both sprung bed slats and flat solid bed slats.


Our Universal Mattress stoppers have a unique adjustable bar positioning which allows for adjustment based on the size of your mattress via the locking collar grub screw.


Ideal to stop the mattress from moving on Ottoman storage beds and adjustable beds. The universal mattress stoppers are also ideal if you find the mattress moves when getting on and off the bed.


Head and Foot versions also available


Technical Specifications - Please see technical diagram provided

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